October 27, 2016

I Take Exception

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Right then – techie time…

There is a special circle of hell for people who think it’s a good idea to throw instances of the System.Exception class, and I am going to make it my mission in life to ensure they find there way to it. What am I talking about? This:

throw new Exception(“Some wittering message”);

What’s wrong with it?

The biggest problem is that should I decide I actually care about your wittering exception, I am unable to catch it directly… Sure, I can write the catch block, but what happens if another type of exception is thrown within the try block? Chaos ensues… Even if I do catch it, how am I supposed to know what to do – lacking a custom exception class as it does I have no idea as a developer what you are claiming happened, and therefore how I might respond to it…

If you are going to mark yourself out for my fury, you need to know that I don’t give a shite about the text you pass in the message – only idiots make buisness decisions on natural language text like that.

What should you be doing then if you want to remain my friend? Simplez – declare your own Exception class and inherit from either System.Exception or System.ApplicationException. It’s not exactly a time consuming task, it gives me confidence that when I catch the exception we are talking about the same thing, and it allows you to pass information to me, the innocent victim of your code, in a structured manner that I can use to decide what to do…

I’m sorry, but I’m sick and tired of this crap. Sort it the fook out.



October 26, 2016

Enough Already

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I have followed the case of Jacqui Thompson closely for a number of years, not only because this blog was directly involved, but also out of general interest in what I believe to be a huge injustice.

2016 has been a very stressful year for Jacqui. Both Mr. James and the Council itself have obtained separate charges against Jacqui’s home, and Mr. James went still further and tried to have Jacqui face criminal prosecutions… Fortunately, and following many behind the scenes interventions from all manner of right thinking people, the police eventually came to the conclusion that there was insufficient evidence to proceed.

Troubling times then – but at least Jacqui can look forward to the coming festivities of Christmas – spend some quiet reflective time at home with her family.

I hope this year is particularly memorable for Jacqui, because it’s looking like this will be the last Christmas she gets to spend at home… Mr. James has, good natured Christian that he is, decided to try to sell her home from under her and make her homeless.

Happy Christmas.

Jacqui does not deserve to be treated like this. All she has ever done is to speak out about the problems with the council – and there are many. She has performed the role of armchair auditor with distinction, and has selflessly devoted herself to the cause of the community. 

The people of Carmarthenshire owe her better than this. It might well be too late to resolve the legal position, but there is a moral dimension to be considered here as well. For heaven’s sake Carmarthenshire , wake up, smell the coffee, and act! Speak out… Discuss… Don’t allow the council to treat a civic minded citizen like this in your name.

Finally,  looking beyond Jacqui, never, ever allow this shite to happen again. Start taking local democracy seriously, and elect representatives worthy of the role… Many of the current shower come up some way short of the mark…

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