April 7, 2015

Did anyone else hear that bang?

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That was the unmistakable sound of VB.Net being taken out back and shot in the back of the head. Some might argue this is a kindness, a loving final act to a faithful companion whose time has come, but that’s an argument for a different time. The fact is, the shot has been delivered.

The shot takes the form of Microsoft’s decision (which I learned of from DotNetRocks) to not support VB.Net on the new Asp.Net vNext infrastructure. Apparently Microsoft feel that VB.Net developers as a community don’t tend to use the latest and greatest kit, have metrics in terms of project creation stats to back this up, and have therefore decided not to support VB.Net on Asp.Net vNext – or so the story goes…

This will lead to some perfectly justified wails of despair from the VB community. After all, when it comes to just abandoning a development technology and pulling the rug out from under a development community, Microsoft has form. It’s doubly tragic that for the most part the people who were historically affected, ie. Visual Basic 6 developers, now find themselves in line for the same treatment once again…

For me, it’s not the fact of the decision that is of interest, but the reason offered to justify it. Overlooking that vNext is going to be a massive part of the future of development on the Microsoft stack for now, I’m struck by the notion that this justification could be employed to exclude the Visual Basic community from just about anything.

The death knell of VB.Net has been firmly sounded. It sucks, but there it is… Anyone in the VB.Net space should in my view now immediately cross train in C#. Got technical assets you would like to take with you into the future? Well you need to be at least asking the question whether or not you should be considering a migration away form VB.Net. Whatever your views on C# as a language, it seems we live in world where there is safety in numbers, and where it doesn’t pay to straggle too far behind the herd…


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