October 29, 2014

Utterly shameful

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It seems that the government has decided, on behalf of all of us, that Search and Rescue operations in the Mediterranean to rescue migrants making the crossing from Africa to European shores should no longer be supported. Apparently the possibility of rescue only encourages more and more migrants to make the crossing…

You know, every once in a while, just now and then, I am ashamed to be British…

The migrants on these boats are desperate. They have no resources whatsoever, having been cleaned out of anything that they did have my the organised gangs that run this “trade”. Even having paid up, and boarded a hopelessly overcrowded vessel, they risk being sunk by the very people they paid to take them over the water. Why would they do this? Simple – drowning isn’t as bad as what lies behind them. They are desperate.

To decide not to engage in Search and Rescue efforts, to allow people to drown in an attempt to influence the migration figures in the direction you want them do go is utterly, utterly shameful. It is not an act worthy of a civilised country. There can be no excuse for it, and no justification, whatsoever.

Moreover, it is illegal. The right to life is the most basic right in the European Convention on Human Rights. It is a human right – an absolute, intended for all human beings everywhere, and not merely those standing on the correct side of some arbitrary line drawn on a map.

My predictions, made now on 29th October 2014, are that within five years we will have a case European citizens being left to perish at sea because they were mistaken for immigrants. Time will tell…

There are babies on those boats. I don’t want to be a baby killer, I don’t want the government to kill babies on my behalf, and I sure as hell will not vote for any party that supports baby killing as a means of budget control.


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