May 23, 2014

And the results are, erm, not in…

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So – I’ve been having a look at the results for my local council ward (Bentley, Doncaster).


Ok, let’s try and work out how many people turned up at the polling station, but did not actually cast a vote that was counted. We’ll call this figure x:


So, that’s very close to the 1,333 votes held by the elected councillor, Mr. Jackson.

Am I the only person who is a little concerned that the in effect the second most popular choice – to turn up at the polling station but not to actually vote – is not even recorded? Furthermore, although I believe the overwhelming majority of these cases will be people who consciously decided that they would not support any candidate, the truth of the matter is that we have no metric to seperate such people (who hold a definite view) from others who merely spoiled their vote inadvertently.

This should not be acceptable in a modern democracy, and it is time that all of us demand a “None of the above” option on the ballet – the use of which should be counted and reported along with the figures for the candidates.

Democracy is supposed to be representative – so I ask you, how did those 1129 people feel? The truth is, we don’t know – and that’s not healthy.



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