February 2, 2014

No ifs, no buts…

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If anyone is in any doubt as to the contempt Carmarthenshire County Council has for the auditor from the Welsh Audit Office, and, by extension, the people who voted them in, then you really have to look no further than the following…

At the end of the public interest reports, the auditor points out that the council are no obliged to discuss the matters being reported on within one month of the date of the reports (30th January 2014). He states this is because of section 25 of the Public Audit (Wales) 2004 Act.

The relevant but is sub section 4, which reads:

If this section applies, the body must consider the report or recommendation at a meeting held by it before the end of the period of one month starting with the day on which the auditor sends the report or recommendation to it.

Rumour has it that this meeting is currently going to be held on 7th March, rather more than a month after 30th January then, and a flagrant breech of the law that the auditor has even been so kind as to explicitly call out for them.

“Best run council in Wales”.

Says who? The mafia?




  1. The recent MESS at the Carmarthen County Council(CCC),is in essence down to an ILLEGAL DECISION (one of many) made by the ICO ref his UNLAWFUL vexatious decision against one of Jacqui Thompson FOIA requests.
    Council James flexed his bullyboy muscles against Miss Thompson and the Piggy Back of the ICO vexatious decision which was also piggy back on my vexatious decision GIA/3037/2011 Dransfield v ICO and the Devon County Council.
    Oh what a web we weave when we set out to deceive Coun James?!
    I can inform your readers the Court of Appeal kicked me into touch recently on my GIA case but it is back in their Court now for a 2nd Hearing NOW.
    Congratulation to Jacqui Thompson

    Comment by ALAN M DRANSFIELD — March 2, 2014 @ 6:16 am | Reply

  2. Alan,

    I’m aware of the decision to label one of Jacqui Thompson’s FOIA requests (I believe the one that asked for details of all correspondence surrounding the Towy Community Church) as vexatious. It’s not a view I agree with – I regard Jacqui as a tireless campaigner for transparency, and the fact that the council REALLY don’t want to release the information, for my money, is an excellent reason to have it published immediately. From the Council’s perspective, if you truly have nothing to hide, then it would seem wise to simply release the information and kill the issue.

    There hasn’t been an attempt to deceive Mr. James at all. Prior to his comments being published, I actually contacted his office and requested that they confirm he really wanted to make the comments he did, as Jacqui was bound to object to them. Had he retracted at that time, I would not have published. Had I for whatever reason chosen to publish anyway, Mr. James was in a position to quite rightly question my integrity and say “Oi – we agreed abc etc…”.

    The whole characterisation of Jacqui has some vindictive crusader against the council and it’s kin is, in my view, ridiculous. The High Court takes a different view – fine. Completely inaccurate in my view, but the judge is free to hold his beliefs just as I am free to hold mine.

    Oh – and one more thing – Mark James isn’t actually a councillor – he is actually the Chief Executive – ie an officer (staff).

    There are a lot of things wrong with the local authority in Carmarthenshire, and to be honest I have no idea how they will ever be put right. We can only keep dreaming and trying.

    Comment by Martin Milan — March 2, 2014 @ 8:30 pm | Reply

  3. Martin
    Oh what web we weave when we set out to deceive which Coun James is now well aware. Coun James thought he was home and dry with his counter claim against Jacqui Thompson because he was SO confident he could play the vexatious get out of jail based on the Dransfield v Devon CC ref GIA/3037/2011 but it would appear that decision is not worth the paper it is written on.Lot more mileage in the Dransfield whimsical vexatious decision.
    It should be noted with a wry smile the Jacqui Thompson FOIA vexatious decision was from the Carmarthen CC not the ICO?!? Cart and horse come to mind
    Watch this space?!

    Comment by Alan M Dransfield — March 2, 2014 @ 8:50 pm | Reply

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