October 11, 2013

Insurance Renewal Time…

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I’ve decided to publish the following open letter to my car insurance company – .

I am, in case you can’t guess, not very happy with them…

Dear Sirs,

I have recently had the unhappy experience of receiving your renewal quotation for my car insurance, in which you kindly offer to take a further £300 from me on top of my current premium of £500 for, well, reasons that were not exactly clear…

You see, as a thirty eight year old man with a family and another child on the way, I have with some regret had to surrender my Megane Coupe, and join the ranks of dull, grey, utterly uninteresting Ford Mondeo drivers. Mondeo Man is indeed upon us. Having chosen a form of transportation highly regarded by elderly close-to-death types, I had sort of expected my insurance to come down this year – or possibly stay the same.

A £300 increase however came as something of a surprise, so I telephoned your renewals department to try and make sense of your new found desperate avoidance of my custom. Having spoken to a pleasant young lady called Chloe, I discover that the alleged justification of my treatment is “I haven’t had the car very long”. Indeed, she mentioned that you would prefer me to own the vehicle for at least 12 months, at which point I would qualify for a discount. I can barely express my gratitude.

Here’s the thing though – as a high mileage driver with over 9 years of no claims (I actually have 14, but can only prove 9), I was sort of under the impression that I might be receiving a substantial discount already. You know – assuming that insurance isn’t indeed a racket, and that premiums are supposed to somehow reflect risk. If I can drive over 200,000 miles without ever having a claim against me, then maybe I just might be safe to be let out on the highways and byways on my own for a while? I think I’m an “above average” driver by quite some margin, but then so, it seems, is my premium.

Talking with the ever delightful Chloe (a genuinely helpful lady who deserves commendation), the concern is that apparently that I might not be used to the car, and therefore I presume more likely to splatter myself all over oncoming traffic at the drop of a hat (or perhaps clutch…). This is, of course, hogwash. I drive my own car, am a named driver on my uncle’s car, and a fleet driver for a company that operates all manner of different vehicles. My employer isn’t unduly concerned that I’ll write off any of their cars because a) I can drive, and b) I am not a simpering idiot. Besides, I would have thought the “three pedals, sticky thing in the middle, turny thing in front of you” configuration for car controls now has now seen broad adoption across the automotive industry. I can confirm my previous car used such a configuration if it helps – maybe that might allay your fears…

But then, why bother? You clearly don’t want my business, so I’ll do us both a favour and take it elsewhere where it might be appreciated and, if I’m really lucky, actually valued.

Have a pleasant day, and perhaps reflect on the fact that if you’ve grown fond of receiving a salary, you might want to consider improving your service.

Yours faithfully…


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