November 19, 2012

Dear Isreal – WTF are you doing?

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The stories on the news concerning current events in Gaza are harrowing, not only for because of the horrors of civilians on both sides being massacred through no fault of their own, but also because this is all so avoidable. It really doesn’t need to happen – and the tragedy is that neither side seems willing to concede that.

Of course, it is entirely unacceptable that HAMAS have launched attacks on Isreal, and they should be rightly condemned for doing so. I don’t care where innocent civillians are – targetting them is a war crime in my eyes, and if you are really going to fire a rocket who’s guidance capabilities can best be surmised as “go somewhere over there…”, then you are totally responsible for the consequences of your actions.

So why do they do it then? Basically, it’s an act of desperation. The situation in Gaza is far too complex and horrific for a single blog post to do it any justice, but it would be safe to say that the people of Gaza are being oppressed by the state of Isreal. There is no free movement of goods either into or out of Gaza, and the economy of the region is paralised by the activities of the Isreali state. Sometimes, people feel they have to fight even when they have no hope – and I personally believe such desperation lies at the heart of those people in Gaza actively involved in attacks.
It’s wrong though – and last week three innocent Isrealis were butchered by a rocket hitting their home, despite having no personal connections to the activities of the state. That is totally indefensible.

But, for balance, let’s briefly consider the figures – because although three innocent Isrealis have been killed, over a hundred people in Gaza have died – largely through air strikes, which are hardly a discriminating means of dealing with a problem. Isreal state that they are merely trying to defend their citizens, and in part I’m sure they are – but we also have consider the fact that they are also expanding, massively, their programme of creating illegal settlements – as well as other acts of oppression.

Personally, I’m convinced Isreal is the bad guy here, but both sides are at fault. However, any conflict, any battle, will eventually come to an end, and they always end the same – with people deciding they need to talk. Wouldn’t be nice if the leaders of both HAMAS and the Isreali State had the balls to simply do that NOW? Maybe then, another innocent Palestinian or Isreali child might not get slaughtered this evening – because the uncomfortable truth is that by the time I come to have my shower in the morning, more innocent lives will be lost – and more families will be consumed with feelings of grief and retribution, adding to the cycle of war.

We need, throughout the world, an entirely different class of leader. We need people who will take decisions based on the welfare of their people, and not their own personal political or property interests. We need these people desperately, and we need them now, because the current crop of world leader seems to fall some way short of the mark…


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