November 6, 2012

Dorries and I’m A Celebrity

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So, Nadine Dorries MP, who allegedly represents the people of Mid Bedfordshire, has now decided to take a month away from parliamentary business to appear on the ITV reality show “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here”.

This particular show is noteworthy for many things, but Britain’s foremost platform for political debate it is not. One wonders therefore why Nadine would be willing to appear – so far I have only come up with trying to raise her profile, or the cold hard dosh. Either motivation would, I suspect, be sufficient to get Nadine to do just about anything.

Clearly one issue that doesn’t feature too prominently in her mind is the interests of her constituents, who will now be left without parliamentary representation for a month. Still, to be fair, they might be better under those circumstances anyway.

As an MP, Ms. Dorries receives a salary of around £65K per year – and I don’t believe I will be the only person in Britain who would prefer that she actually earn it. Serving as a truly committed MP is a full time job (and then some…), and one can’t help but wonder what her constituents will be told should they have the temerity to actually try to gain access to their MP during this period.

Parliament has defined holidays, and it is expected that any member will take any significant personal leave within these remarkably generous periods – although even then a true MP will spend much of the parliamentary holiday working for their constituents.

The situation is not dissimilar to that of a teacher working within a school – a situation I am personally familiar with seeing as my girlfriend works as a Teaching Assistant for a local school. Her salary is derisory, but she is expected to play by the rules like everyone else, and only take leave during school holidays. Obviously this is quite restrictive, and means we end up paying a hell of a lot more for holidays etc, but rules is rules – and so she follows them, without complaint. Nadine seemingly takes a different stance – even going to far as to take a photograph of guidance relating to her expenses laying on a roof after it, apparently, blew out of the window. “And there I think it shall stay…” was the comment she made.

Let’s hope the people of Mid Bedfordshire take the next election a little more seriously…




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