September 14, 2012

Enough with the apologies…

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I am rapidly getting sick and tired of hearing those in authority issue their “profuse”, “sincere” and “deep” apologies for the varied failings of their various authorities.

It’s a matter of sincerity. If you truly were sorry, then you would have apologised BEFORE the Hillsborough Report was published. You would have done so not in 2012, but at the time your various misdeeds first came to your attention.

Don’t pretend you only just heard that the stadium didn’t have a safety certificate, or that you really had no idea that the police were secretly amending over a hundred statements to paint themselves in a better light, and defame the dead. Bullshit. The authorities have known all along.

Am I really supposed to believe you had all the evidence stored up in the loft and everyone took a solemn oath not to go up there?

We don’t need apologies. We need the FA to account for the venue. We need the police to answer for tampering with statements, and for using the PNC to try and drag up any dirt on the victims. We need it to be made plain that such behaviour will ALWAYS result in being held to account. We need to see proper criminal investigations.

We need, as we always have needed, justice for the 96.


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