July 29, 2012

TwitterJokeTrial – the Result!

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Ok – first of all, my apologies for a slight delay in blogging on the outcome of the TwitterJokeTrial. This can be put down to a number of reasons, just a random smattering of which might include commitments at work, a girlfriend who would like to see me every once in a while, and just not really getting enough time in front of a computer to write something meaningful. Sorry – I’ll try harder next time…

Or will I? Because the news of course is that there really shouldn’t be a next time, as we’ve had the verdict from the High Court, along with the accompanying judgement. Paul has been totally acquitted, and his good name is restored forthwith. By way of contrast, the name of the CPS has been somewhat tarnished, as the judges have pointed out that this case did not meet the requirements for a prosecution on these grounds. Indeed, the conduct of the CPS and, allegedly, that of the Director of Public Prosecutions, is likely to come under some close scrutiny now. To which, if I might interject with a bit of personal invective, I say “tear the bastards a new one…”. The manner in which they went after a perfectly law abiding man in this test case was absolutely appalling – and someone needs to see the end of their career over it. After all, Paul did.


Paul fought this case not only for enlightened self interest, but because, had it been allowed to stand, our freedom to express ourselves on the internet would have been seriously curtailed. The rest of us now have a duty to remain watchful for the next attempt to restrict freedom of expression here in the UK, for there most certainly WILL be a next time, and see that it too is opposed.


Personally I’m just relieved it’s all over – I shouldn’t need to visit the High Court for a while (though I may attend the Daft Arrest trial later in the year.)


One other thing – it seems to be that the one question people might be thinking about asking now is “what happens to the money we all raised, now the defence costs are to be paid from the public purse?”. The honest answer is I haven’t a clue – and I did make several donations myself. It’s in the hands of the trustees… What I can say however is that having gotten to know Paul, Sarah and the legal team, I’m sure whatever eventual resolution we see will be acceptable to us all as appropriate.






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