November 19, 2011

One of our articles is missing…

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Toward the back end of July, you might recall I got involved in the case of #DaftArrest – the use of the police against political campaigner and blogger Jacqui Thompson for the heinous crime of, erm, filming a public meeting.

As part of that campaign to try and get a little common sense into the whole affair I wrote an open letter to Mark James, the Chief Exec of Carmarthen Country Council (the authority involved), and he responded. His response was remarkable, to the extent that I gave him a chance to retract it prior to publication – which I was not taken up on.

Unfortunately, the dispute between Mrs. Thompson and the Council has now come to a point where Mrs. Thompson has decided to bring a libel action in the High Court. Accordingly, I have also received a request that the article should no longer be published, and have therefore accordingly moved the  post onto a “private” area of the blog.

I am happy to provide any information required by either side in the dispute, and regret that things have now gotten this point.




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  2. Because of what has been happening recently and Caebrwyn being visited by the High Court Enforcement Officers yesterday I would love to see your open letter to Mark James and the reply he sent you in response please. I feel the #Carmarthenshire people should be able to see them both. I’ve been trying in my small way to draw their attention to the shenanigans of our Local Authority and the way they try to silence the #whistleblower, complainant & blogger in fact even their own CC members. I have never met Jacqui but am impressed by her strength of character and the way she has continued to keep us informed; she must spend many hours unpaid delving through endless documents etc. towards that end. These two letters would have been seen by anyone who read your blog before it was put out of sight and of course they would have been viewed by the Court so have been in the public domain and the court decided Mark James had not committed Libel by writing his reply to you for publication. What do you think, as I would want to put both on twitter #Carmarthenshire? I feel quite sick that Mark James has put the boot into Jacqui to extract his pound of flesh and no doubt to also frighten others who are speaking out about this, what I believe, is a corrupt Council. What say you? Just remembered the email you sent him before you published his reply. You don’t have much time on your hands now with a young family an all but maybe you could put together a blog about it and publish them again that way; if you think you are safe to do so? I could then just tweet your blog in a tweet. I dread to think what Jacqui and family are going through!

    Comment by Jennifer Brown (@JenGwenBrown) — February 12, 2016 @ 3:34 pm | Reply

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Jacqui believes that Mr. James’s comments in his reply to my letter were libellous, and I have no hesitation in stating that I completely agree with her. However, seeing as the post in question was removed on Jacqui’s request, I will need Jacqui’s approval before I can republish it.

    The email you refer to is also in my possession – I can’t look it up at the moment (about to go out), but a rough summary would be that I pointed out that Jacqui would likely find the contents of Mr. James’ submission to be potentially actionable, and offered him a chance to retract those comments. His personal assistant replied telling me that he comments were to stand.

    Jacqui is a tremendously public spirited woman, and the reasons why she originally crossed swords with the Council are really beside the point. In assessing her motivations and intent, we simply need to ask “what is she doing now?”. To my mind, she’s performing the role of an investigative reporter – and rather better than many actual investigative reporters in Carmarthenshire itself. She’s holding the council to account, and naturally they don’t like it. Unfortunately for them, they are beset by two rather nasty twists of fate – namely that Jacqui is actually very good at holding them to account, and that they’ve hardly starved her of things to look into over the years.

    The position she finds herself in now should be a crime in and of itself – it’s certainly an affront to anything I might recognise as justice.

    I don’t know what has motivated Mr. James to enforce his order now. The sad fact is that as things stand the courts say he is entitled to the money – judgement was made. That judgement itself however seemed flawed to the point of being perverse… In launching enforcement however he simply opens a very murky can of worms – personally I don’t think this is a smart decision on his part.

    My own belief is that Jacqui has right on her side. She’s (rightly) severely pissed, and now has nothing further to lose. I’m reminded of the Obi Wan Kenobi quote from Star Wars – “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine…”. I suspect Mr. James has just made a HUGE tactical blunder. Do I think his actions have been motivated by a wish to silence critics? Well, in the main I think his concern has been to silence Jacqui as an individual, and detering others has just been a nice side effect… Jacqui’s continued postings, just as tenacious and carefully researched as ever, would suggest he has not been successful…

    James is a problem, but the truth is that he’s only part of the problem in Carmarthenshire – the overwhelming majority of the council seem to be self serving eejits – and the sooner you get some proper representatives down there prepared to actually champion rather than suppress the electorate, the better.

    Comment by madaxeman — February 13, 2016 @ 5:47 pm | Reply

  4. I agree with everything you say about Jacqui. Since Cneifiwr stopped posting blogs Jacqui is the only one keeping us informed except we do have the Herald now which appears to be more independent in publishing what’s going on than the other local papers. Were I able to write like Jacqui I too might start a blog to put across how the CCC fails to follow policies and, as many other public bodies do, defame and leave in limbo whistleblowers & complainants. Jacqui’s blog gives many disillusioned locals a chance to comment and get things off their chests which is very therapeutic as suddenly we are not alone in having suffered at the hands of the CCC.

    I hope Jacqui thinks it a good idea to publish the letters & maybe the two emails. Who knows maybe Mark James did not actually compose that comment as on one occasion, I know of, a letter went to him from the MP of the other three whistleblowers with a few questions for him to answer after they had been to see him; I don’t know as he even saw as it was passed to the Director and on down to our home managers line manager to answer.

    Comment by Jennifer Brown (@JenGwenBrown) — February 13, 2016 @ 6:46 pm | Reply

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