November 6, 2011

Poppy burning again…

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It seems that a group of young lads in Northern Ireland have been prosecuted for making a Facebook video in which they burned poppies… You can find a link to the story here

Now, obviously what they have done here is shameful – that’s not up for debate. It will be interpreted as a slap in the face for our servicemen, and particularly those who have been killed or injured in the course of conflict…

But, is it a criminal act? Is it really “Incitement to Hatred”? If it is, does that law need to be redefined? And when did the “Improper use of a social network” act come into play exactly?

Once again, we are supposed to have freedom of expression in this country. This confers the right – the absolute right – to say something others might consider offensive. Once said, others are of course free to criticise – to point out what an arsehole someone is being – but it shouldn’t be a criminal matter. This is the thin end of a very big wedge…




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