October 9, 2011

Stay classy, folks…

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If anyone asks I’ll deny it…

… but I am about to defend Nadine Dorries. This is not part of some cunning scheme to killer her off from shock, but really just a simple appeal to the rest of her detractors to “stay classy”.

It’s been reported in the papers that her relationship with her lover, John Butler, has come to an end. Readers might remember that her relationship with this man was somewhat controversial when announced, not only because this supposed Christian had allegedly had an adulterous affair, but also because of various comments made my Ms. Dorries surrounding her partner’s wife and alcoholism. I remember at the time being particularly appalled at her use of the guy’s daughters on her blog to try to vindicate her position.

That however was then, and this is now. The relationship has come to an end.

When she started in this relationship, I considered it to be a genuine target, raising as it did questions as to her integrity, and also her commitment to the supposed Christian faith that lies at the heart of so much that she does. However, the breakup of the relationship does not deserve the same attention – there’s no public interest to be served here. It’s tabloid stuff, and the fact that Dorries is the victim of it does not make it any the more palatable.

I’m not about to rejoice in what I am sure must be an extremely trying time for her. Nobody has won, and everyone involved has lost – as is typical of this sort of thing.

I will however continue to be hostile, where appropriate, to her conduct as an MP – because there is a very significant public interest to be considered there. That is where the press should be focussing their attention, and not on Dorries’ bedroom window.



  1. Whilst I agree with the sentiment, I do think that as a result of her pronouncements, posturings and platitudes with regard to fidelity, relationships and such like, that there is a case of public interest here. I am not rejoicing at the fact that she has suffered a broken relationship, but I am not ashamed to say that I smiled on reading the article. It just adds more evidence of her obvious hypocrisy. If nothing else, it serves as a reminder of her disgraceful behaviour at the start of her relationship, and I think it serves us all well to remember that behaviour, and how it would appear to be aped by her daughters.

    Comment by Keith Badham — October 10, 2011 @ 10:46 am | Reply

    • The fact that she had an adulterous affair with a married man is, I agree, very hypocrital for someone who claims so much of her life is based around a Christian faith. At the time when she started the relationship, there certainly was a public interest in reporting it.

      Now that the relationship has come to a close though, is there really any justiication in using the failure of the relationship as a stick with which to beat her? The public interest dimension really only applies at the start of (and arguably during) the relationship. There’s nothing to be gained here, assuming of course that there isn’t some smoking gun in terms of why the relationship faled – but I think diving into her personal and sex life on the basis that there *might* be something there is a massive invasion of her privacy – it’s not somewhere I want to go.

      As to her daughters’ conduct, well, let’s remember that the lady quoted in the article has considerable scores to settle – so I’m not sure I am quite ready to simply blindly accept her claims – nor indeed blindly dismiss them… I have only ever had anything to do with one of her daughters, and that particular lady certainly failed to impress, but it would be wrong to assume that this sort of behaviour was rife in the home as well. It would also be none of my business.

      My argument would be that there is nothing of public interest left to go over in terms of the relationship, and that the press and the rest of us would do better to spend our time looking at other aspects of her conduct. Let’s face it, it’s not like there is a shortage of material…

      Comment by madaxeman — October 10, 2011 @ 11:18 am | Reply

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