July 11, 2011

They Just Don’t Seem To Understand Me…

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Over the course of the past couple of days, I’ve received a couple of tweets from @TheConserBlog. I’ve included them below, together with the prior tweets to give you the context… It deserves a better response that Twitter will offer, which is why I’ve decided to address it in a blog post as opposed to tweeting back again…

Tim IrelandbloggerheadsTim Ireland

I would also invite #Dorries (or her staff) to point to any illegal or untrue content I have published/hosted anywhere.
10 Jul
Martin Milan

mjmilanMartin Milan

@bloggerheads And if they can’t, then I would like to invite #Dorries, and optionally her staff, to STFU…
The ConservativeBlog

theconserblogThe ConservativeBlog

@mjmilan @bloggerheads you’re both still banging on about Dorries. Now there’s a surprise.
Martin Milan

mjmilanMartin Milan

@theconserblog @bloggerheads And you’re avoiding the issue. Your move…

in reply to ↑

@theconserblog The ConservativeBlog

@mjmilan @bloggerheads national debt, unemployment, pensions deficit.. yet you want to get excited over what Dorries is doing #stalkers

@ConserBlog’s stance is a very interesting one… Look that all these other problems – why aren’t we concerned about those? Well, I can’t speak for Tim, but personaly, I am concerned about them. Very concerned as it happens, but I’m not quite sure I have anything to contribute directly that’s not already being said by many other commentators.

Although I will choose what to write about for myself, thanks very much, the clear implication is that I’m some sort of one trick pony… This is clearly not the case, for instance on this very blog you will see a number of posts on the Paul Chambers #TwitterJokeTrial. I tend to write about what annoys me, and the simple truth is that #TwitterJokeTrial and Nadine Dorries annoy the hell out me! But let’s put Paul Chambers to one side and focus purely on Nadine Dorries shall we?

I believe, passionately, in being able to hold our parliamentary representatives to account. The expenses scandal serves as clear evidence that when we, the public, take our eye of the ball bad things can happen. It simply isn’t acceptable for someone in public office, when scrutiny is brought to bear on them, to say “I’m not going to answer your questions”.

However, at least that would be honest. In the Nadine Dorries vs Tim Ireland debacle though, that’s not what has happened. Instead, Tim has found himself portrayed as a stalker. Now, initially approaching this with an open mind, I had to seriously consider the case that this might well be the case – I didn’t know the guy from Adam. Who was I to say?

However, reviewing Tim’s posts on his Bloggerheads website, something struck me. He was absolutely diligent in providing source references throughout his posts, meaning I could read the evidence for myself. He also, stalker or not, was asking a number of VERY good questions, which I noted were not getting answered. We seemed to keep coming back to this stalker stuff all the time, which I suspected was being used to evade the question.

As time wore on, we came to the point where Nadine Dorries, having made her initial claim to have reported Tim Ireland to the police, was challeged to produce a crime reference number – and proved unwilling, and perhaps unable, to do so. That’s a pattern we’ve seen reproduced time and time again – despite having claimed to have received abusive emails, she won’t produce the evidence. She claims he’s compulsive (with no evidence), obsessive (again, no evidence)… My reading was that things were not looking good for Nadine Dorries.

The clincher for me though came when she actually did report Tim Ireland for harrassment. Dorries issued a blog post proudly proclaiming that Tim Ireland had been warned to stay out of Bedfordshire. Now, as you’ll gather from my interest in the #TwitterJokeTrial, I have an interest in civil liberties, as well as a passing interest in the Law. Short story, I knew that the police did not have the power to put such a restriction on Tim – only a court would – and even then it would be a staggering sentence with serious implications. Of course, it was possible that a court was involved – Tim could have deceived me afterall, but if this was the case then I found it odd the press hadn’t seized on what would have been an extraordinary case.

Suspicions raised, I decided to contact Bedfordshire Police for details of this draconian imposition on Tim’s liberty – and it turned out not to be true. Having got the bug for talking with the the nice folks at Bedfordshire Police, when Nadine Dorries claimed that both Tim and people who communicated with him were being monitored, I put that to them as well. Again – total bunkum.

Added to all this of course we have Nadine’s many, many dubious claims… 70% fiction… Cannabis being 50 times stronger than last year… Forsaken being a charity… 7 year olds and bananas… Abstinence combats sex abuse… Let’s face it, Nadine certainly seems to court controversy, and often appears to have a rather cavalier attitude to fact.

Now, I am, as I began by saying, very concerned about the problems that the country currently faces. In order to address these concerns, we need our politicians to come from the top drawer. We need people of integrity, who react to scrutiny by embracing it because they have nothing to fear… We also need people to actually bring that scrutiny – which is why I feel people like Tim and I are part of the solution – and people who mark us out as stalkers are part of the problem…

Oh – and as for the implication that I might be a stalker – I have only ever contacted Dorries directly, to my recollection, on two occasions – once to make a Freedom of Information request, and once to actually help her by advising her how she could get at the photos on her digital camera without the appropriate cable… On both occasions I chose to communicate by email, and have taken the precaution of retaining copies.

So @ConserBlog, if you really care about Conservative politics, my plea to you and all Conservative supporters is to be a little more selective around candidate selection time – and stop attacking people when you don’t know what you’re talking about…



  1. Thanks for writing this. The ‘stalker’ comment was in jest so genuinely sorry if you took it to heart.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog and look forward to more of your tweets 🙂

    Comment by The Conservative Blog — July 11, 2011 @ 9:41 pm | Reply

    • Apology both gratefully and gracefully accepted…

      I guess, having seen what happened to Tim Ireland, I was a little overly keen to smack down any sort of stalker suggestion…

      Comment by madaxeman — July 11, 2011 @ 9:59 pm | Reply

    • “The ‘stalker’ comment was in jest”

      The claim of stalking has been published alongside my home address and has prompted threats of violence I have had to report to police (details of the most recent complaint have not been blogged, but it is very recent indeed, and is not the kind of complaint that is made without merit and/or based on my imagination).

      ‘Jokes’ like this are not appreciated.

      Thanks for the post, Martin.

      Comment by Tim Ireland — July 12, 2011 @ 6:48 am | Reply

      • This is one of the problems with the smear – someone makes an allegation, and then it grows as people play around / joke with it…

        Being fair to @ConserBlog, he was quick to apologise, and personally I’m happy with that. People say stupid ill conceived things all the time…

        I think more people need to listen not so much to me, or you, but to actually take a closer look at Dorries themselves and come to their own opinion.

        It’s interesting to reflect that although we both allow comments on our respective blogs, Nadine Dorries herself seems unwilling to defend herself. Not that this is evidence of guilt or anything (it isn’t) – but it’s not exactly a ringing defence of her honour either…

        Finally, it’s perhaps more telling that she doesn’t allow comments on her own blog. I for one would be perfectly civil if she did – but I think we both know this isn’t a problem we are going to face any time soon…

        Comment by madaxeman — July 12, 2011 @ 11:39 am

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