July 7, 2011

The News Of The World To Close

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Twitter and other news outlets are now alight with the news that this Sunday’s edition of the News Of The World will be the last ever – News Corporation have basically decided to shut down the entire paper.

Or have they?

Moves are already rumoured to be afoot to take The Sun into a 7 days per week publication, so what has actually changed here? Basically, the higher management like Brooks and Coulson aren’t affected – those left carrying the can will be the staff at The News Of The World themselves. Some of them deserve it, let’s not beat about the bush – they’ve clearly been ok with the kind of practices we’ve all heard about. However, there are bound to be a number of journalists, together with a hell of a lot of admin workers, security guards, printers etc who are absolutely blameless who will now be without jobs.

Management truly shits downwards.

Nothing has changed here – we’ve just seen a cynical move by News Corporation and News International to try to fool those who don’t look too closely into thinking they have “done the right thing.”. Bollocks they have.

On the back of this, I’ll be treating the rest of Murdoch’s empire with the same contempt I had for the News Of The World. I don’t read The Sun (I have refused since learning their exact claims with reference to the conduct of Liverpool fans at Hillsborough. I heard a very different story, from people unconnected with football, who were actually there…). I won’t be reading The Sun on Sunday (or whatever they decide to call it), or The Times. For now, I’ll watch Sky News – but the moment the Murdoch deal goes through, that’s the end of that for me as well.

If you’re looking for a decent paper, try the Guardian. They’re struggling, fight for issues that matter, and could really do with the improved readership. If you really want to put an end to papers that behave like the News Of The World, then the solution is simple – don’t buy them. Up your game – you won’t regret it.

I’m amazed they didn’t simply cut Rebekah Brooks loose. What the hell is she holding that leads to her being protected like this?


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