July 4, 2011

The News Of The World – A New Low?

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The BBC, ITV News and even Sky News are reporting that the News of the World apparently hacked the mobile phone voice messages of Milly Dowler, the thirteen year old victim of convicted killer Levi Bellfield, whilst efforts were still ongoing to find her in the hope she might still be alive.

If you think that’s a bit sick, then you’re right. No argument here. Whatsoever.

But that’s not an end of the matter – because as well as listening in to messages left for Milly by family and friends, it’s reported that they actually deleted messages as they wanted to free up more space for new messages. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that they were screwing around with potential evidence in a criminal trial – and I sincerely hope they will now face prosecution as a result. The activity on her mobile phone account led the Dowler family to believe that Milly might still be alive – how cruel…

What everyone needs to realise now is this – the News Of The World, usually so keen to portray themselves as representing the people in their unending quest for justice in such circumstances, were actually prepared to risk the life of a thirteen year old girl so they could sell a few more papers.

Remember that next time you’re in the newsagents.

People are going to claim that Rebekah Wade and Andy Coulson are not personally liable for the phone hacking activity that has been uncovered. They may well be correct – but you would think that one of the fundamental tasks before the editor of a tabloid publication would be to check the sources for the information you are going to press with, wouldn’t you? So I say this – I think they’re either as guilty as sin, or were not doing their jobs properly.


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