May 25, 2011

Well it’s about time someone plundered the plaudits of politicalpundits(

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Interesting one this, and not something I would usually blog on, but I think I’m being denied a right of reply to a rather scurrilous attack over at – so I’ve decided to do something about it myself…

Basically, I reacted against a post criticising Tim Ireland. The post in question can be found here, and if you read the comments, you’ll note that the author (one Stacey Soloman) claims to know that I am using an open IP address. That interested me, because unless “she” is actually Yasin, the webmaster, she shouldn’t have access to my IP address. Why was this being shared? So I asked.

“Political Pundits” first attempt at an answer can be found here. Obviously that irked me a little, so I responded in the comments – but mysteriously it seems my comment has somehow fallen foul of Yasin’s “independent” editorial standards. I shouldn’t be surprised – I’ve just found another commenter “Katie” who posted a comment pointing out what an appalling article it was has had her comment pulled as well.

Oh well – the bungling Yasin Akgun doesn’t hold much sway over editorial decisions here – so here is my comment in full…


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear… You have gone off on something of a tizz, haven’t you?

First of all, you don’t know me, and you certainly have no concept of my politics. We’ve found each other on opposite sides of the Tim Ireland vs Nadine Dorries battle, but my position is not based on my political views or allegiances. It is based on, ironically enough, my disgust when a public official appears (to me, admitedly) to be using a baseless slur of stalking and abusive conduct to avoid answering some perfectly legitimate questions as to their  own conduct. I think you will find that sort of behaviour *is* bullying – and I’m getting the distinct impression your views on the topic depend on the colour of the rosette of the person doing it.

Maybe if your site is being predominantly attacked from the political left, this might indicate a bias to the political right? Just a thought.

Not that it’s any of your business, but I don’t support any political party at the moment – though if forced to make a choice then I would say my leanings lie with Caroline Davies and the Greens. The Tories are a disaster, Labour were control freaks, and the Lib Dems aren’t to be trusted. The Greens on the other hand, especially on issues like arms deals, seem to have some principles.

In fairness, I haven’t taken the time to read a significant number of posts on your site – an oversight I do not intend to correct. When I checked your domain I misread it as being originally registered in May 2011 – and therefore looked on the site as a new vehicle to attack Mr. Ireland. Lesson there for me perhaps – “Look before you leap”. You might want to give that some consideration yourself as well.

As for being abusive toward you, that’s wrong and I think you know it. There is a distinction to be made between being in dispute, parody, and actual abuse. Most reasonable people are quite able to recognise this distinction, so I invite everyone to do so. Whilst questions of abuse are on everyones’ mind, let’s also consider for a moment that you have, in a public article, stated I am involved in some sort of “severe mentalism” against you. You’ve also made out I’m a “mentalist”… Evidence?

If you feel that my full name, IP address, and time of posting do not constitute personally identifiable information, then the civilised way to respond, at least in the first instance, is privately.  You have a private email address for me – you’ve used it before (though not before this outburst!)

Now let’s turn our attention to what I actually said. As you read the passage below, I trust everyone will note that you have deliberately omitted all reference to Stacey Soloman – totally changing the nature of what I actually asked. Even the text that you have provided is not copied correctly (have you heard of copy and paste?) – note that I use the phrase “I would remind you that…” where as you claim I used “I should remind you that…”. You even take the time to highlight that you are not quoting me exactly – an odd tactic that, for the intelligent reader, will doubtless lead them to question why.

Anyway – here’s your quote:

<<< Quote


As this site is operated by you, I wonder if you could explain to me
how Stacey Soloman might have come to be aware of my IP address. I
would remind you that this is personally identifiable information, and
that as the operator of the website you have a legal duty not to hold
/ process any personally identifiable information for purposes other
than those declared in your registation on the Register of Data
Controllers. I doubt your declared purposes include sharing my IP with
the authors of articles on your site.

Also, I’m having difficulty in finding your registration on the
Register of Data Controllers. Perhaps you could supply me with your
registration number please?


Quote >>>

This was not a “thinly veiled legal threat” at all – but seeing as one of your authors seems to be claiming knowledge concerning my IP, was a perfectly reasonable attempt to ascertain your declared processing. If I wanted to land you in trouble with the Information Commissioner’s Office, I would simply have asked THEM where your registration was. Oh, and  if you were sharing my IP with a third party unconnected with the operation of your site, with the context of my name and the date / time of posting (and an author meets that criteria), then you WOULD need to register.

I await an actual substantive response with reference to Stacey Soloman’s knowledge of my IP  with interest. In fact, what the hell – PUBLISH IT!

Back to the quote – how is this “An attempt to bully the website in to playing his political beliefs” – I’ve not asked you to do anything other than explain how Stacey Soloman could know anything about my IP and comply with my understanding of the DPA – either directly or by implication! Also, what does “playing his political beliefs” actually mean?

I find being accused of “An attempt to defecate all over freedom of speech.” hilarious! I am actually a very vocal campaigner FOR free speech.

  • I took the time and trouble to actually attend the Twitter Joke Trial appeal.
  • I have written extensively on it.
  • I have had a personal meeting with Ed Miliband to discuss it.
  • I’ve taken  to the streets with a placard and a purpose, literally shouting in defence of freedom of expression.

What I have *never* done however, is attempted to use it in a baseless argument to try and discredit an opposing view. This would be, as you should but apparently don’t know, a teensie weensie bit of a contradiction.

Oh, and finally, “Anybody with basic knowledge of websites” hasn’t a lot of business getting into a technical argument with a computer programmer on the topic, lest he be made to look a little silly by the following revelations :

  • Websites do not take a standardised approach to logging connections. The approach taken depends on a combination of the server used, how the server is configured, and the actual code that is ran on the server side.
  • CPANEL does not log IP addresses at all. It merely displays the logs as created by the underlying, and entirely seperate, web server.
  • CPANEL is not usually deployed with websites. It is merely a prettyGUI configuration tool that some providers (typically in the shared hosting sector, but not exclusively) choose to deploy to make the administration of ACTUAL sites easier.  


Martin Milan (

Ps. Thanks for the laughable attempt at anonimisation. Gave me a chortle!

I’ll leave readers to draw their own conclusions as to the independence and editorial standards over at Political Pundits.
Oh, and “Katie” – thanks. It was appreciated.




  1. Oh – and for the record, I do have a liberal moderation policy…

    Comment by madaxeman — May 25, 2011 @ 6:52 pm | Reply

  2. Well this was all fun whilst it lasted. I haven’t bothered to read an iota of any of this but I’m glad you got whatever you have on your mind out in the open. Hopefully as a result of this nonsense of he said she said nobody has died, gotten too upset or is emotionally scarred.

    Loves and kisses.

    ps- life is a lot more interesting when you don’t take things so bloody seriously.

    Comment by yasin — May 25, 2011 @ 7:13 pm | Reply

    • Shame – thought you might be more reasonable, but then I always was an optimist.

      Do not try to misrepresent me or my actions again.

      Comment by madaxeman — May 25, 2011 @ 11:03 pm | Reply

    • I’ve just seen your response on your site – shut down comments to prevent a discussion eh? Were you not the one who claimed *I* was guilty of “An attempt to defecate all over freedom of speech.” Who else do we know who does this, eh?

      If you can’t stand scrutiny, don’t write shite.


      Comment by madaxeman — May 25, 2011 @ 11:18 pm | Reply

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