March 4, 2011

The Lib Fib…

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I’ve always been very conscientious when it comes to voting, taking the view that when people have fought and died so that I might have the vote, then I am morally obligated to use that vote, and use it wisely. Ever since I have been able to vote I have always supported the Liberal Democrats. Yes, some of their policies were a little crazy at times, but the one thing you could always say about the Lib Dems was that they acted on principal – from a conviction in what they believed to be right.

Sadly, it seems those days are now behind us, and the Lib Dems’ betrayal of the students shows Nick Clegg for what he really is – a lightweight who would sell his own granny for the merest sniff of power. By pricing the majority of students out of Education, he has ensured that this country has dark times ahead. We can’t rely on manufacturing for our economy any more, and since a lot of people will now not be pursuing further education, we can’t rely on the skills sector either. We are, in short, pretty fucked.

In light of all this, I was somewhat heartened this morning to learn of the utter routing delivered to the Lib Dems in the Barnsley Central by-election yesterday. They’ve gone from being second in the general election of May 2010 to sixth – and now rank below both independent candidates and the BNP! There’s a message here for both the Lib Dems and the wider political community, and it goes something like this :

“We have had enough. We’re sick and tired of politicians who defraud us, in terms of both expenses and in terms of claiming to endorse one set of policies and then pursuing another once elected. It’s not on, and your time is over…”

Sadly, to make a real difference we really need a new policital movement. A bunch of people who act for the common good, from principal. A bunch of people who aren’t afraid of scrutiny, who will listen to others ideas… In short, we need The Twitter Party… Clearly there’s no such movement yet, but I certainly do see the next big party coming from mass interaction on the internet…


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  1. And, might I add, I see it soon…

    Comment by madaxeman — March 4, 2011 @ 6:27 pm | Reply

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